Ducab is a leading provider of cables and wires solutions, and the first choice for many prestigious clients and contractors due to its record of quality and customer service. Jointly owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai and Senaat (General Holding Corporation, Abu Dhabi), Ducab operates five manufacturing facilities in the UAE. It also acquired its first overseas plant, AEI Cables UK, earlier in 2014. Through its innovative journey, Ducab has continued its strong rate of growth in specialised products by introducing product lines that are designed for particular sectors, such as PetroBICC, designed for the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical sector, RuBICC, with flexible rubber cables, FlamBICC, the fire-retardant cable series, and NuBICC, which is our 60-year certified cable range for nuclear power plants. Earlier in 2014, in a joint venture with Senaat, Ducab announced the formation of Ducab Aluminium, a 50,000tpa aluminum rod mill. When complete, the new plant will manufacture Electrical Conductive (EC) grade aluminum alloy rods, wires, and bare overhead conductors. Environment-friendly processes will be employed within the mill, and liquid aluminum will be supplied from the EMAL smelter in Taweelah, Abu Dhabi.