MTU Onsite Energy GmbH


    The Rolls-Royce product portfolio for power generation covers high and medium speed diesel and gas generator sets in the 24 to 9,400 kWe range. Under the MTU Onsite Energy brand, the company markets high speed diesel gensets with up to 3,250 kWe for emergency, base load and peak load applications as well as cogeneration plants using gas engines with up to 2,530 kWe for the combined generation of heat and power (and cooling). The systems for decentralized power generation of MTU Onsite Energy have a critical role to play in special applications such as airports, hospitals and data centres. They can likewise operate as power generation plants delivering for base and peak load supply applications. Medium speed diesel and gas gensets from Bergen Engines cover a power range from 3,700 kWe to 9,400 kWe with complete electricity generation systems offering total supply capabilities in excess of 200 MWe. Applications include base-load generation for energy providers, grid supply balancing and peak-load supply, co- and trigeneration plants, emergency power.