Power Over Fire Truck

    Dubai Civil Defence and Ducab Cables are pleased to present their 'Power Over Fire' campaign highlighting the current British standards for Fire Performance cables. With the aim of delivering the best practice in the advancement of fire performance cables, this seminar is a MUST ATTEND for Developers, Design Consultants, Contractors, Senior Electrical Engineers, MEP and Civil Defence approval bodies. Attending delegates will receive a validated one hour CPD Critical Path Development Certificate attested to the IFPO The Institute of Fire Safety Officers.

    As the economy of the UAE continues to grow, the country is witnessing an exponential rise in the construction of new buildings and this has coincided with a rising incidence of building fires in recent years. A major cause of fires in the Emirates is the use of non-compliant electrical wiring that does not meet the required UAE safety standards.

    Attend these educational sessions and find out more at the Power Over Fire Truck in the Plaza area of Middle East Electricity 2016.